Field Trips

$8* (or $8.27 +tax) per Student with 1 Chaperone free for every 10 paying students.

Field Trips:  Wednesday – Friday  9am-2pm.


To schedule a field trip  call 318-703-2870 Field trips at DixieMaze Farms are the perfect mix of unique educational opportunities and great fun.

From learning about plants and seeds to hayrides and jumpy things, many educators tell us that their fieldtrip to DixieMaze Farms is the best they’ve ever had. Whether it’s riding a pony or sliding down the corn chute; students will be talking about their visit for a good long time!

Cost per student (ages 3-17) is  $8.00 (for public schools) $8.27 + tax for private school/homeschool students each and $1.00* more per person for the ice cream activity.
Daycares bringing 2 year olds, the cost is as listed. We Provide ONE free chaperone pass for every 10 students IF you are paying and entering as a group. We ask that chaperones remain with the students at all times throughout the duration of the field trip. Students are not allowed to participate in farm activities without their assigned teacher/parent chaperone present.


A farm pumpkin is included for each student (adults pay $4.00 each) with each paid field trip admission(or per class)-WHILE SUPPLIES LAST, DURING THE FALL SEASON.

Parents who are assisting, or joining  a field trip are also charged the discounted $8.27+ tax, the field trip price, when they arrive between 9a-2p.

We don’t accept personal checks.


ARRIVAL: We will open the ticket booth at 9am for parents to buy their wristband so they can join their school as quickly as possible. We then ask that parents wait inside the farm for their group to be greeted. When field trips arrive, we will greet your bus/van where we will set times for:

Ice Cream Activity (and tickets for the activity)

Lunch time assignment & location

Collect your signed **Farm Waivers for the Barn Swing  & Pony Rides(unless already entered on our website on SmartWaiver ahead of time)

We ask that the leaders go over general safety rules, before breaking off into groups. We give the allotted chaperone wristbands to the lead teacher. We also ask that the kids remain seated while we explain the rules and give out stamped wristbands with the waiver stamp on it, which is required for the two waiver activities. While you are being greeted, we get a final headcount & collect from group leaders at their bus/van, and a receipt is  at the end of the field trip. During the greeting process we let the kids and adults know about staying with chaperones at all times. It is also our number one rule printed on the field trip check list along with most of the safety rules.



Joining the fun at the farm on a field trip: If parents or other family members arrive between 9am & 2pm and are joining a scheduled field trip, please check in at the ticket booth to get your $8.00* field trip wristband/your ice cream tickets.


FOOD & DRINK: We do allow field trip students to bring a lunch, and we usually have concessions available in the fall. After 2p no outside food or drink is allowed.


Please visit our downloads page to print off your Farm Waiver and ask parents/legal guardian to please fill out completely. We also have lesson plans and videos to enrich your visit, where you will find the educational standards supported by the field trip experience. We do not guarantee that you will have enough time to participate in all the activities at DixieMaze Farms depending on when you arrive. There are size and weight limitations to some attractions.


For full details: Call 318-703-2870  Our physical address is: 9596 Sentell Road Shreveport. LA 71107

(*sales tax applicable if not a public school*)