Weekend Exclusives

Create a masterpiece from marble and paint.  Race a friend in a gunny sack.

Disguise yourself in a holiday mask. Land on a lucky number to win a prize!

Make a multi-colored caterpillar friend.  Make a smiley ghost to show some “spirit”!

And our newly famed, Candy Cannon, blasts off right before each Pig Race on Saturdays & Sundays!

Outdoor Movies

Watch a great movie every Saturday night (except Oct. 24) at 8pm during the Fall Festival. Pull up a haybale and a bag of popcorn and let the good times roll.

Duck Races

Head over to the duck races and have your fun with the little ducks ready to play, loads of fun for all ages! Just be careful and don’t get too wet!

You can race each other or race against yourself. One thing for sure – our little ducks are ready to go. Pumping the old time pumps reminds many of our more seasoned visitors of their younger days. All admission packages include the Duck Races.

Cow Train

Kids from 1 to 99 years old love to ride the cow train. And the cows never get tired! Your admission ticket allows you to ride as often as you like…

The Corn Bin

Sometimes, just to get a little relaxation, after working hard on the farm, we lay in the Corn Bin and cool off. We know it sounds “corny” but it’s the truth. So come join us in the Corn Bin and see what it feels like to lose your feet beneath the cool kernels of corn!

Your admission ticket includes the corn bin without any additional fee.

The Barn Swing

If the barn swing won’t get a “YEEHAW” out of you, nothing will! Let us strap you in to our special harness and help you jump off the platform into the air (if you have the courage) and then hang on!!

The barn swing has become one of the favorite activities at DixieMaze Farms since 2008. The Barn Swing has a weight limitation of 170 lbs.

To participate in this activity a signed waiver of liability is required.

If the participant is age 17 or younger a legal guardian must sign a waiver on their behalf. This activity is included with all admission packages.

Caution should be taken if you are pregnant or suffer from back or neck injuries.  Download a waiver.

Obstacle Course

Try your skill on the DixieMaze Obstacle course. During the annual Down and Dirty Mud Run we add a healthy portion of mud to make things interesting. Climb walls, crawl under netting and through culverts – it is sure to test your endurance.

This activity is available with any admission ticket. A waiver is required to participate.  The obstacle course operates Saturday and Sunday during the fall season and of course during the mud run.

The Pumpkin Express

The Pumpkin Express is new at DixieMaze farms. The Pumpkin Express will take you on a scenic ride with your family around the farm. And true to it’s name, also enjoy riding out to the Pumpkin Patch to choose your pumpkin.

We’re sure you will enjoy it. All admission packages include the Pumpkin Express. The Pumpkin Express runs continuously Friday, Saturday and Sunday during our fall festival. During the week it runs as needed.

The Jumpy Thing

Our huge permanently installed inflated pillow is fun for the whole family to do together and more fun than a greased pig chase! Whether you want to see how high you can jump or just lay on your back and gaze heavenward, the sky’s the limit!

This activity does require a waiver by the participant or the participant’s legal guardian. This activitiy is included with all admission packages.

Pig Races

Pig races are held every weekend in October during our Maze and Pumpkin Patch Season. The Pig Races are something you don’t want to miss! Sometimes the guys even try to, “Ham it up” for the sake of the crowd. Remember to pick your favorite pig and start cheering!

There are usually 3 heats held a day, and announced over the loud speaker. They are put to bed at dark, so make sure you join us early.

Weekdays, the race times vary and the information booth can let you know the times.  This activity is included with all admission tickets(during the day only).

Spooky Stories & S'mores

Gather around the campfire and listen while our story teller entertains you with a spooky (low key, child appropriate) story. You can roast S’mores (you will need to purchase the s’mores for $1.00) and enjoy the story.

This activity happens every Friday and Saturday night at 6:30pm during the Fall Festival. Your admission ticket includes the story activity.

Pumpkin Patch

The Pumpkin Patch is open Wednesday through Saturday at 10a and Sunday at 12pduring our Fall Season and closes every day we are open at dark. Visitors can pick one pumpkin from the pumpkin patch for a discounted price of $4- while supplies last.

So don’t wait too long into the season! We do sell additional pumpkins at the farm if you are looking to decorate your front porch or other part of your home.As with our other tickets, we don’t give refunds or rainchecks so check the weather before heading out to see us!

Corn Cannons

The Corn Cannons have been a mainstay on our farm for over 15 years! Try your hand at blasting tennis balls at targets from our Corn Cannon lookout. Then, collect the tennis balls in the tethered bucket, hoist them up and shoot again!

Push the button for a Quick release, so the air can reload and you have better aim at the targets for best results – everyone loves seeing who the best shot is… maybe it’s you! All admission tickets include the corn cannons.

Pony Rides

Our beautiful rescued horse, Dax, will be waiting for you to give him a little exercise. Pony Rides are a DixieMaze Farms favorite and we are very excited to introduce you to this wonderful, gentle ride.

Riding a pony can be a once in a lifetime experience for many people. We are honored to make this available to our littest visitors! During your visit to DixieMaze Farms make sure you stop by the horse stables and visit Dax, and his little pony friend, Little Squirt!

The Ponyride has a weight of 65 and height limitations. To participate in this activity you must sign a waiver. This activity is included with all admission packages & 2 and under only pay $1 and sign a waiver to ride.

Friendly Fire

If you are looking for a great way to satisfy everyone in your group regardless of their age then this one is for you! We have outfitted our paintball guns with special barrels that allow you to shoot a 2 inch foam ball instead of a paintball.

You read that right! We have an arena where you can enjoy loads of fun with foam balls to fire away at each other! Shooting foam balls makes it great for the whole family to play. Friendly Fire has become a favorite at DixieMaze Farms since 2008. We would ask that you please never shoot without a ball in the barrel, or at each others heads. Also, to allow fun for the next guy, please leave the foam balls in the arena-thank you!

The Farm Adventure Pass and Fright Night tickets include Friendly Fire.

Hay Ride

Any visit to the country would not be complete without a hayride! Our hayride carries you back to the pumpkin patch where you can pick a pumpkin(while supplies last). So jump on and let us do the driving.

Your hay ride is included with any admission ticket. The hay ride runs continuously all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday during our Fall Maze Season. Wednesday & Thursday it runs as needed